How to Cool Down a Memory Foam Mattress

Methods and Solutions on How to Cool Down a Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses have become popular nowadays because of its claim to help its users sleep better. This type of foam is made from synthetic materials that will mold to your body when you sleep. It responds to the heat of your body and distributes your weight evenly. Because it is made from synthetic materials and is very dense, there is no way for any air to get through the foam. With no ventilation, there is a tendency for the mattress and the user to overheat. Here are some methods and solutions that you can try on how to cool down a memory foam mattress.

1. Use Thinner or Lighter Blankets and Duvets

One way to stay cool when using memory foam is to use lighter blankets. If your memory foam is already providing you enough heat during the night, you could stay cool by using a thinner blanket. During the warm months of the year, you could totally forgo using blankets. During the cold, winter months, you will be really glad that you are using memory foam mattress because of the heat it will bring.

2. Use a Cooling Mattress Cover

Mattress covers are used to protect you from dirt, dust mites, or bugs that might have stuck to your mattress. Similarly, they can also be used to protect your mattress from stains and other irritants. But did you know that you could also use a mattress cover to help on how to cool down a memory foam mattress. There are mattress covers designed to cool its user when placed atop a memory foam mattress. Inquire with your local stores and shops about the best brands of mattress covers.

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3. Pick a Different Pillow

There are claims that when your head becomes cooler, your whole body does too. It would be a great idea to pick a pillow that will help your head stay cool during the night. You could flip your pillow on the other side when it becomes hot, but that would mean waking up in the middle of the night. So you could just buy a pillow that will stay cool throughout the night. You could try pillows with a gel material because they can stay cool all through your sleep. A cool head can help vastly towards staying cool at night.

4. Pick a Breathable Bed Frame

Bed frames are important if you want to know ways on how to cool down a memory foam mattress. Beds that have no ventilation, like those made of wood with no slats, are more likely to cause overheating at night. Try to use a bed that has slats so there is ventilation on your foam mattress when you sleep on it. It is also good in preventing the growth of molds on your mattress.

5. Change Your Mattress

If you haven’t solved your problems with the methods on how to cool down a memory foam mattress mentioned above, maybe it’s time to change your memory foam mattress altogether. The product that you have gotten may be the problem itself and you should replace it. Do more research when looking for a new mattress to ensure that this problem will not occur for you again.

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