Signature Sleep Memoir 12 Inch Mattress Review

Mattresses come in all shapes and sizes, but there are some whose quality and specialty are hard to dispute. This is one of those mattresses.

It is exquisitely designed to be one of the best mattresses around and provides more than comfort and convenience. It is the ultimate status symbol.

Mattresses have advanced in leaps and bounds over the years, and this mattress is ample proof of that. I discovered it as I was going shopping for a new mattress after my old one became unfit for use.

For me, it was a case of love at first sight. I saw it and immediately forgot about everything else. I knew that at that moment I had to buy it at all costs, and I did buy it.

Never have I thought so highly of a mattress and from now one there is no other mattress for me. This mattress has some features which I have come to know more about as I have owned it.

It is these features that are important and thus should be studied with care. They are presented below.

Twelve-Inch Thickness

The thickness of a mattress is its defining selling point. Thin mattresses are not the best of sellers because they will not last long- the material wears off quickly enough, and you will soon be forced to look for a new mattress, and also because their comfort levels are extremely low.

Mattresses have to be comfortable, and the best way to measure that comfort is through the thickness. That is why this mattress being twelve inches thick is such a big deal. It provides the user with all the comfort in the world.

Health Conscious Foam

Foam is the material used in the making of the actual mattress, and usually, the form flakes off over time releasing tiny bits of itself into the atmosphere.

This can be harmful to health as these bits are foreign particles and some people do not react to foreign particles in the air very well. Manufacturers, therefore, have the responsibility to ensure that the foam of the mattress is safe. The foam of this mattress is safe enough for use.

Signature Sleep Memoir 12 Inch Mattress Review

No Mercury And Other Heavy Metals

In the manufacture of mattresses from time to time, there appears to need to use heavy metals such as mercury and lead for a variety of purposes. These heavy metals are extremely toxic to the environment where they will harm both plant and animal life.

On top of this when they get into the human body their effect can be catastrophic. Children especially are adversely affected by these toxins, and it is best to keep them away. This mattress has no such compounds so your child is as safe as can be.

Soft Fabric Cover

For added comfort the mattress has a soft fabric cover. This cover is also a knitted cover. The cover of a mattress does a lot in maintaining comfort. The material of which it is made is of significance.

This cover has fabric that assures us of the comfort and safety that it will provide at all costs. The fabric is also durable and protects the foam inside from exposure and degradation of any kind.

Memory Foam

On top of the ordinary foam of the mattress is a small layer of memory foam. Memory foam is a unique kind of foam that conforms to the body shape and contouring.

This information is recorded in the memory foam in that the specific body shape is maintained. The user is therefore assured of comfort while using the mattress and the memory foam ensures that this comfort will stay with the user for the longest time.

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  • No lead or mercury used in production.
  • Has a layer of memory foam.
  • Has soft fabric cover.
  • Doesn’t have allergic properties.
  • Best quality foam.


  • The fact that it is made in China might be a disadvantage to some.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this mattress require flipping?

A: Because only the top has memory foam flipping the mattress would be a waste of time. Instead of flipping you can turn it around so that the bottom side is the upside.

Q: Are PDBE’s and formaldehyde used in the making of this mattress?

A: Unfortunately yes, but there is a regulation in such a way that they cause minimal harm to the users and can even conveniently ignore.

Q: What is the foam density of the mattress?

A: The foam density is four pounds/191 LD. This in layman’s terms means medium firm.

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Final Verdict

For a mattress this is pretty much the best deal anyone can get. As I said earlier, once I bought it I quickly forgot about any other mattress out there, they simply don’t compare.

It has all the features of a quality mattress and comes at a reasonable cost. It will last you and your family an incredibly long time and is worth the money you spend on it. I highly recommend it.

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