BeautyRest 3 Inch Sculpted Gel Memory Foam King Mattress Review

BeautyRest 3 Inch Sculpted Gel Memory Foam King Mattress Review

Sleeping is the best and more relaxing form of rest but when the type of bedding isnt comfortable, then be sure of back pains. The BeautyRest sculpted gel memory foam mattress topper gives you a reason to smile as there are no worries with back pain.

This mattress will enhance your comfort and quality of sleep by giving the comfort you need and hence leaving you relaxed after sleeping.


  • Comfortable
  • Well aerated
  • High density
  • Firm and compact
  • Maintains warmth
  • No sagging


  • Relatively expensive

With a well-raised design that molds itself to your body, this topper keeps you warm with temperature-sensitive foam that will adjust to your body temperature while allowing more airflow to pass through the foam. With this full aeration, you are confident you wont suffocate while sleeping. How wonderful!

This high-density mattress eliminates motion transfer from your bedmate due to its construction and can keep you comfortable by drawing away uncomfortable air from your body.


This type of mattress will ensure your sleeping becomes very comfortable by keeping your body temperature as normal as possible giving your journey to slumber land a happier adventure.

Its good super sensitive foam adjusts your body temperature with its topper keeping your body warm while you are sleeping. So get this BeautyRest sculpted gel memory foam mattress and say goodbye to all after sleep back pains and hence make that trip to dream land a reality.


The BeautyRest Sculpted Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a high-density mattress that aims at keeping your body warm as well as ensuring full and sufficient aeration giving a good peaceful sleep that you deserve after that long day of work.

It allows sufficient air to flow throughout its foam a measure aimed at giving you the best sleep as it ensures you do not get fatigue on your body and brain during sleep due to insufficient oxygen.

Firm Support

This mattress will provide you with ultimate supportive and comfortable sleeping experience you have never imagined. Made with a super soft and firm high-density foam material, this mattress topper will give you a good support as you lie in your bed whether resting or sleeping

Even though it’s not a mattress, but a mattress topper, we feature it as an alternative to buying a new mattress for back pain.

Again, your weight will be evenly and equally distributed throughout its foam and therefore enhancing your sleep as well as your health. I think this is what every man needs.

Gel Memory Foam

The BeautyRest Sculpted Gel Memory Foam mattress as its name suggest is made of a Gel Memory Foam. This material eliminates motion transfer when sleeping with a bedmate and hence keeping you comfortable as well.

This material also helps in reducing uncomfortable pressure points and therefore ensuring you and your bedmate a good sleep without the worry of colliding while sleeping. This mattress gives an excellent sleeping experience with its high-density material.

No Sagging

As we are all aware, most mattresses end up sagging after several times of sleeping due to the very elastic nature of the foam material they are made of. So, most people end up getting annoyed due to the hole created on the mattress.

However, this mattress is made up of a high-density firm gel memory foam that keeps your mattress same even after several months of sleeping. Have a try and you wont regret.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can I be sure that this mattress is king size?

A: Absolutely. This is a king size mattress and is sure to have comfort when you buy it.

Q: Can you just specify how many pounds this density material is?

A: The density is about 3.5 pounds. However, this material is highly compacted to make it firm.

Q: Is this mattress made for all bed sizes?

A: Yes, this mattress has all bed sizes catered for so there is no need to worry.

Final Verdict

Its the pleasure of everyone to have a comfortable sleep. However, most people end up buying mattresses that dont meet their expectations as well. These ordinary mattresses end up giving back pains, fatigue and joint pains making you not want the night to fall.

This mattress has a high-density gel memory material that ensures your sleep becomes more peaceful and enjoyable. It gives you the warmth that you need and ensures full aeration and therefore no need to worry about suffocation.

This mattress has surely fulfilled customer expectations as most customer feedbacks are positive. It has surely surpassed every aspect that you need for a comfortable sleep. Get this mattress and enjoy your sleep.