Egyptian Bedding 1200 Thread Count King Review

Is your current bed denying you the desired comfort you need when you are sleeping? Do you have beddings that cause ailments or other types of allergies? Either way, you need to upgrade your current bedding materials so that you can enjoy a nice sleep at night. With a comfortable bed, you can rest comfortable and get enough sleep after a long and tiring day at work.

For those who have had the opportunity to sleep in luxurious hotels, you must have used a comforter. Having a comforter on your bed gives you a different feeling such that you might think that you are sleeping on a cloud.

You can make your bed comfortable by getting the Egyptian Bedding 1200 Thread Count King. This comforter is designed to make your nights peaceful and comfortable while providing you with warmth.

The Egyptian Bedding 1200 Thread comforter will fit perfectly on your king size bed, and you will always be looking forward to bedtime moments.

  • Let us have a look at some wonderful features that come with this comforter that contribute to quality sleep.

Luxurious and Comfortable

This is among the top quality things that set this comforter from other bedding. The feeling experienced when you are sleeping cannot be compared to other comforters that you will find on the market today.

With such a high level of comfort, you can enjoy up to eight hours of perfect sleep hence keeping you relaxed and healthy.

Allergy Free

There are some types of materials that are used to make bedding that is not safe for some people. Sleeping on such materials can cause allergic reactions and other ailments.

For that matter, this comforter is allergy free making it very safe for everyone. You will o longer have to suffer from different allergies once you get this comforter.

Medium Warmth

This luxury comforter is made in a way that you enjoy your sleep at any time of the year. It offers medium warmth so you can use it comfortably regardless of the season without compromising your comfort while sleeping.Egyptian Bedding 1200 Thread Count King Review


The most crucial thing that you should check when buying any comforter is the quality of service that it will offer and for how long. You need a comforter designed with high-quality materials so that you can enjoy the great feeling when sleeping for many years.

With this comforter, you do not have to worry about the durability because the manufacturer offers you the best. This white comforter can last for many years without the feathers fluffing out like experienced in some other products.

Excellent Packaging

When you are purchasing a brand new comforter, it comes in a nice packaging, and it is factory sealed. This comforter comes with a beautiful zippered package that you can use later when you are traveling for convenient storage.

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  • The comforter is allergy free
  • It offers medium warmth for all year comfort
  • Designed with high-quality material
  • It is light and warm
  • It has a nice white color


  • There are some complaints on incorrect sizing
  • The comforter is not machine washable

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this comforter have corner tabs so that the duvet cover can stay in place?

A: Yes, it has the corner tabs. I had no problems tying them.

Q: Is this comforter machine washable or dry clean only?

A: The comforter is dry clean only. Other methods of cleaning are not ideal because they might affect the quality and comfort of the comforter.

Q: Does this comforter have baffle box construction?

A: Yes it has, it is a nice comforter that you should purchase.

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 Final Verdict

When you are out looking for the best comforter on the market, there are numerous options to go for, such that it might be hard to make a final decision.

There are so many things that you need to look at when you are buying a comforter such as durability, warm, fill power and the size of your bed just to mention a few.

Luckily, this comforter passes all these considerations and much more. Avoid the sleepless nights and allergens caused by your current bedding material by getting this well-designed comforter.  It is a beautiful product that you will love using for many years.