Chillow Pillow Review: For a Cool Nights Sleep

Don’t you hate not getting any sleep due to the heat of the pillow?

For me that was a big problem, and flipping it only relieved me for a couple of minutes before the other side got hot as well.

One of the reasons for a poor night’s sleep is overheating. No matter how comfortable and soft your pillows may be, hot temperatures can still deprive you of the comfort that you are looking for after a tiring day.

Being able to sleep properly can help reduce and relieve stress. But how can that happen if you’re uncomfortable with your sleep right? If you want your uncomfortable nights to come to an end, then I suggest that you buy yourself a cooling pillow.

A cooling pillow not only can increase air flow, but it can help you feeling fresh while you’re asleep until you wake up in the morning. Whether you reside in a place where the climate is warm, or you feel that your pillow is too dense to provide the right airflow, it is a convenient and easy solution to overheating.

After using one, you can tell that the quality of your sleep has greatly improved. Read this Chillow Pillow review to know whether a Chillow pillow is the solution to your sleeping problems.

I’ve chosen to review the two Chillow Pillows that are offered from the company.

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Chillow – Cooling Pillow for a Relaxing, Restful Sleep

Chillow - Cooling Pillow for a Relaxing, Restful Sleep RevewFrom the many brands of cooling pillows that are available in the market, one of the best that we can find is the Chillow cooling pillow. The Chillow Cooling Pillow is a pillow slip designed with a cooling system to make your night’s sleep more relaxing and comfortable. It saves you the expense of buying a new pillow because you just simply slip it under your existing one and you can already experience instant comfort. It is ideal to use when relieving pain, fever, sunburn, hot flashes and more.

Effective in relieving hot flashes when sleeping. This $12 pillow slip is worth the money when you’re having difficulty in sleeping when you experience hot flashes at night. Even if it doesn’t stay cool for the whole night, its coolness can last for hours.

Most times, cotton or silk pillow covers can be uncomfortable to sleep on no matter how soft they may be, especially in warm climates. Having a Chillow cooling pillow slip saves you from the need of buying new pillows or pillow covers. You simply need to place it under your pillow and the coolness resonates through it already.

It is convenient to use and cools quickly. You simply need to put at least 2 quarts of warm water in it and put it in the refrigerator. After making it cold for an hour or so, it is set for use already. You can simply let it cool while you’re watching television or preparing yourself for sleep.

It doesn’t leak. One of the common worries when using its slip is that it may start to leak after using it for hours. However, you don’t need to worry about that when using this brand. Even if you toss and turn at night it won’t leak on your mattress. Also, even if the coolness of its slip starts to fade, it still won’t leak.

It can be uncomfortable to sleep on. Since the inside of the Chillow pillow is not made of gel, there is a tendency that the foam starts to form lumps after using it for quite some time already. This can cause restless sleep especially if you’re sensitive to your pillow being lumpy and uneven.

The material tears after quite some time. Even though you can rarely experience leaks with this product, its material can start to tear when you have it for a long time already. It can be a drag because the material becomes a little fragile when it starts to tear and a leak may start already. You have to remember to always put just the right amount of water to prevent tearing.

 ChillowPLUS Original Deluxe 2-sided Cooling Pillow Pad and Cool Relief Wrap

ChillowPLUS Original Deluxe 2-sided Cooling Pillow Pad and Cool Relief Wrap ReviewThe ChillowPlus Cooling Pillow pad is the same as the original Chillow Pillow but it is in a larger size. The dimensions of the product are 20.5 x 0.4 x 13.4 inches and it weighs 12 ounces. The ChillowPlus cooling pillow is designed with a heavy duty enclosure filled with a special foam that quickly pulls away heat. Like the original one, you simply need to add water to fill the port, remove the excess air and place it in your pillow case with the medical-grade cloth face up.

It is made out of excellent material and designed well. The ChillowPlus is non-toxic and it is latex free. It is also designed with a Hydro-Soothe membrane which makes it easy to clean and cool to touch. Because of the composition of the material, the coolness that resonates from the pillow has a soothing effect and also offers the same comfort of a memory foam.

It has a custom Velcro which makes it possible for you to wrap it around injuries, burns and medical needs.

Because it is larger than the original Chillow pillow and can hold up to 80 ounces of water capacity, therefore, it can hold the coolness for a longer period of time.

In comparison to the original one, this is lighter and uses less water, making it more convenient to handle and use, but still offers the same comfort.

Despite the sticky tabs, the ChillowPlus pillow still tends to move out of place from the pillow. It is therefore not advisable if you move around much at night. The larger size of this pillow makes it difficult to put in place.

The ChillowPlus pillow occasionally springs out a few leaks. The original Chillow pillow holds leaks a lot more than this even if it stays cool for a longer period of time.


A Chillow cooling pillow can definitely be worth the price especially when the hot summer nights are fast approaching. This Chillow pillow review has hopefully given you some ideas if it’s the right pillow for you.

If you want to keep your current pillow, but make it cooler, select the Chillow Cooling Pillow Slip that is a bit cheaper and can be placed in any pillow.

If you want a larger pillow with slightly better cooling properties, choose the ChillowPLUS Original Deluxe 2-sided Cooling Pillow as it fits better for your needs.

All in all, these pillows are great for keeping your head cool during the night.