Lucid 12 Memory Foam Mattress Review

LUCID 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam MattressLucid is a well-known brand name. They have tried their hands in different products but never has their success been more profound than in the business of mattresses.

Their twelve-inch mattress is one of two kinds of twelve-inch mattresses that they offer, and it is just as good as the other one. This mattress was designed for comfort and durability.

The gel version is reviewed here: Lucid Twelve-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review


  • Safe for allergy sufferers.
  • Compact foam design.
  • Special cover that is absorbent.
  • Comes with warranty.
  • Features a combination of different kinds of layers.


  • Doesn’t have good heat control mechanisms.

I’ve owned one of these for some time now. It came to me in the form of a present from one of my friends. At first, I didn’t give it more attention, but I came to know about it slowly as I kept on using it.

Usually, I don’t find that the mattresses I buy last very long and that can always be attributed to the low quality but not this time. In the entire period, I’ve had it hasn’t lost any of its vibrancy or sagged in any way.

This is a remarkable achievement that forced me to do a bit of research on it. What I found out explained a lot, and now I want to share these findings with you.

Well talk about the salient features first before talking about the pros of this wonderful mattress. In the end, I hope to have you convinced of its awesomeness.


Like all other products from Lucid, this one features warranty too. The warranty lasts for whole twenty-five years, a remarkable feat when you consider that the normal period of warranty for other products is at most two years.

With this warranty, the user can enjoy using his or her product without worrying about damage or misfortune. The user also gains trust in the company and is likely to buy more of their products. This is one of the main reasons I have the mattress highlighted in our Best Mattresses for Heavy People Guide.


To prevent instances of overheating or the opposite of that- which is overcooling and is likely to take place during cold weather- the mattress has means to ensure that it keeps constant temperatures.

The designation on the mattresses when you buy it is that the temperature will remain at neutral, neither too cold nor too warm. This is ideal, and the promise is kept at all times.


The key to a good mattress is in the layers that make it up. This might seem like a simple almost intuitive idea, but many people overlook in the manufacture of mattresses.

The different layers must work together to provide comfort to the sleeper. While the top layer might be involved in adjusting to body shape and weight, the lower layers should be concerned with stability and keeping the mattress robust for a longer period. This combination will ensure a good mattress.

Special Cover

The cover on a mattress is not just the thing that protects the interior of the mattress from dirt, though that is still an important task.

The exterior in this mattress also functions as a suctioning Device of sorts, taking away all moisture that falls on it and absorbing it out of the way.

In this way, the cover does play a part in maintaining comfort for the user. The layer is also durable meaning that it can last for long without tearing.

Health Conscious Foam

Foam is made of synthetic compounds. It is therefore not the safest of things. Some kinds of foam can pollute the environment if the mattress isn’t handled properly.

The key to making good foam is in minimizing all these instances of flaking and powdering. By doing this, the health of users is ensured. People, especially those with allergies will find this mattress safe to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Final Verdict

This mattress is nearly identical to another lucid mattress and also just as good. Ever since I got it, my sleeping has improved markedly. I usually turn and toss a lot, and so finding a mattress that can be comfortable enough for me is a tough ask.

However, I have no regrets at all with this mattress and would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat. It is that good.

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